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Promotions and Products


Due to market changes that many of you are aware of, we will be instating temporary guideline changes in our lending policy.

Temporary Guidelines

  • MAXIMUM LTV: 80%
  • $250K cap (per property, second mortgage only)
  • NO replacements over 65% LTV
  • NO rental properties (Manitoba only)

While Ginkgo is still well funded, these temporary guidelines will ensure that sustainability and adequate funding is available to you throughout the various market changes occuring at this time. Thank you for your understanding, and we look forward to reinstating our regular lending guidelines as soon as possible.

Ginkgo Mic Product Advantages - Why Choose Us?

If you are a mortgage agent looking to help your clients achieve their real estate dreams through alternative sources of financing, you have come to the right place!
Ginkgo MIC works with a variety of mortgage brokers to offer residential and commercial mortgages to clients who do not qualify for loans with traditional lending institutions. We specialize in second mortgages, but we do first mortgages too, giving agents the ease of a one-stop shop! With our dedication to accuracy and efficiency, as well as great incentives, your time will not be wasted!

24 Hour turnaround

While other lenders may often take days to approve of your application, you can expect a guaranteed 24 hour turnaround from us!

Up to 80% LTV

We can help bring your client’s dreams within reach! While traditional lending institutions only give 65% maximum for first mortgages, we can increase that up to a total of 80%!

Your First Choice

With competitive rates, incredibly fast turnaround times, and staff who are friendly and knowledgeable, we are your first choice for second mortgages! Plus, with great incentives for brokers, how can you say no?

24 Hour Turnaround Time

The reason is simple: It can take a mortgage anywhere from 7 days to 30 days to be approved. In that time, rates can change, fees can increase, and you can even lose the property. That is why it is in your best interest to get your mortgage approved quickly.

Up to 80% LTV

We do not just focus solely on credit ratings in determining loans, but take the client and specific property into consideration as well.
See Loan-to-value Summaries

Your 1st Choice in 2nd Mortgages

Be a Power Agent!

We are stronger together: The A team

At Ginkgo MIC, we believe in providing more than just profitable financial products and services. We build relationships, and we grow together. With first-class quality customer service and expert knowledge, our team of qualified professionals is ready and dedicated to ensuring your complete satisfaction and financial growth.

Steve Farrugia

Steve Farrugia

Vice President of Business Development

Never afraid to try new tactics to further success, Steve is always on the forefront in developing business strategies that will grow Ginkgo MIC and its clients together. He is always making sure clients and brokers working with Ginkgo MIC are well taken care of, as he believes good relationships are what makes everyone happy and the world go round.


William Cheung

William Cheung

Direcor of Underwriter

With methodical precision, William meticulously reviews and processes all mortgage applications that are submitted to Ginkgo MIC. William’s methods have improved risk mitigation and in turn increased earnings to valuable Ginkgo MIC investors, thereby contributing significantly to the solid performance and strong foundation of Ginkgo MIC.


Alexandra Zhang

Alexandra Zhang

Senior Underwriter

Having studied economics, mathermatics and statistics, Alexandra gives us the edge when underwriting deals! She carefully reviews and analyzes each deal submitted to us, calculating many factors to determine the appropriate rate for our clients. Her meticulous analysis makes sure each deal is sustainable not only for Ginkgo, but for the clients as well.


Phillip Cheng

Phillip Cheng


Also with an economic background, Phillip has experience as a mortgage specialist, as well as roles in loan recovery. His expertise on both sides of the mortgage process helps ensure our underwriting is always ideal for all parties involved.


Prime Lending Region

Populations of 50,000+ , We will be there!

  • Interest Rate

    Starting at 10%

  • Lender Fees

    Starting at $1,200 (from 2.5% to 5 %)

  • Loan Size

    $25k and up

  • Term

    Maximum 12 months (Open Term Available)

Product Package (PDF)

Approved Appraisers

Submit your deal now

Loan to Value Summaries



Nova Scotia

British Columbia


Condo (ON)

Condo (Others)



Power Agent Program

Power Agents: Get Exclusive Incentives

Grow With Ginkgo MIC and Reap The Rewards!

What is a Power Agent?

A Power Agent is exactly what it appears to be: an agent who is powerful and amazing in what they do, namely YOU!

We at Ginkgo MIC want to acknowledge the hard work and success from every agent, and understand that they also desire to relax and have fun.
With that in mind, we have created a great incentive program to make sure you can work hard and also play hard too!

How do I become a Power Agent?

There is no special registration process or additional sign up fee to become a Power Agent.

All you have to do to be eligible to start earning rewards is:
Have 3 or more deals submitted and funded at Ginkgo, with a minimum total value of 250,000 POINTS in the second mortgage portions.

Once you have reached those numbers, you will automatically earn your first reward and be granted access to a range of preferred services and privileges.

What deals are eligible?

Eligible if deals are:

  • 1st Mortgages
  • 2nd Mortgages
  • Bundle


  • Bridge Loans
  • Commercials

What rewards will I get?

Gift card
When you submit your first deal to us

iPad or iWatch
Upon reaching 250,000 points with your 3 funded deals

All-expenses paid VACATION
When you accumulate 500,000 points in the second mortgage portion of your Ginkgo MIC funded deals

What exclusive privileges do Power Agents get?

These privileges, along with the great rewards, are only for our Power Agents:

  • Designated underwriter
  • Lower rates and fees – including lender fees, legal fees, etc.
    Reduced expenses means more!
  • 24 hour turnaround
  • Quick Closings

Additional Support Services for Power Agents

Receive complimentary automated SMS reminders for you AND your clients to help them stay on track!

An SMS reminder will be sent to you and your clients at these times:

  • When there are 90 days left before your client's mortgage matures.
    - We do not take your clients. Our policy is to send clients back to their originating broker.
  • Before each monthly payment day, to help clients improve their credit score.

Still have questions?

  • For program inquiries, contact our VP, Business Development - Steve Farrugia.
  • To discuss your deal, inquiries and deal submissions, send them to our underwriters -
  • We will respond immediately or within 4 business hours to ensure all your questions are answered.


    • " I needed a lender that would consider a higher loan to value than most private lenders is comfortable with. The whole process from application to funding exceeded my expectations. Upon reaching my funding target, I was very pleased to receive my new IPAD air.
      Thanks Ginkgo – many more deals to come in 2015!"

      Dominion Lending Centres

      Lyle Johnson

      dlc logo

    • "What an amazing week!

      Thank you Ginkgo for this great opportunity. To have fun, relax and meet new and awesome friends from the Ginkgo family. I am very grateful to our wonderful BDM, Steve. You are the best, Steve! Count me in for next year’s trip.

      Mortgage Alliance

      Lowie Azad, Top Mortgage
      Mortgage Alliance logo
    • “Thank you for a great vacation! We’re glad to be a part of the Ginkgo Team. Special thanks to Ronald and the whole team. You’re great!
      Looking forward to doing more business with Ginkgo.

      Mortgage Alliance

      Ali Azad, Top Mortgage
      Mortgage Alliance logo
    • "Thanks for your professionalism and patience all the way, Alex. Ginkgomic is a very responsible and fast-response lender. Surely will send more deals to your wonderful team in the future. Looking forward to working with you on more cases.
      Thanks a lot!"


      Sophie Chen, Fortune Effect

      Verico logo

    • "My office has been dealing with Ginkgo MIC for just over a year. I had a very difficult deal to get approved but Ginkgo approved with ease. Over the last year I have placed several private deals that have come up for renewal with them. The underwriting is common sense, the rates and fees are reasonable and the service is awesome. William Cheung is very knowledgable and picks up his phone. The service is second to none. Steve is very supportive and is always available for discussion. Ginkgo is a great company and I look forward to several years to come"

      Dominion Lending Centres

      Paula Roberts, Roberts Group
      dlc logo
    • " Thank you for coming in yesterday to present, I thought it was excellent; some great knowledge and expertise and I look forward to doing some deals with you in the future. I have to say you were quite possibly the first lender to speak about the exit strategy for the client NOT the lender and that really resonated with me, because ultimately we want to build our clients up and improve them! Look forward to talking with you more soon."

      Matrix Mortgages

      Mahit Letang
      Matrix logo

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    We are a part of many events throughout the whole year. Check out our upcoming events and meet us there!

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    Alexandra Zhang
    Phillip Cheng

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